"New-Method" No. 11

We introduce the email bulletin "New-Method" No. 11 with our works and guest contributions. This issue features Oyama Enrico Isamu Letter, an artist and critic for the contributor.


Meta-cognition and Literacy
Oyama Enrico Isamu Letter (Artist)

It is difficult to write a 200 word essay. As it is too short to say anything if casually approached, I will write on the 200 word limitation itself, thus adopting meta-cognition, which however is almost coercive so that anything like meta-cognition has not worked. Besides, a meta position always entails its meta, whose dynamism will capture a line "anything like meta-cognition has not worked" into the meta-spiral. It is fairly hard to break this spiral. Yet, looking at Twitter for instance, information architecture seems to have canceled out the spiral. Once accustomed to the 140 letters limitation, one no longer feels it short, and the initial meta-cognition gradually withers away to the background. Assume that meta-ognition is originally to lure invisible conditions that define a cognition to the foreground, Twitter, in contrast, the invisualizing comes rather later. Then, what would happen? In present cultural situations, not limited to information, cognition concerning literacy has become more significant possibly instead of meta-cognition. It is required to cross-over gaps among plural cognitions, rather than to trace a single cognition back to its basic conditions. Although unable to fully describe here, such a transition will be a remarkable point to reflect upon contemporary culture.

(Note: We "New-Method" offer guest contributions for the bulletin normally in 200 words.)

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  • Takahiro Hirama

The word "untitled" is the generic title for untitled works. Generally, the title is the result of a conscious choice by the artist.

Ascending Order Sort No. 3 "Comb Sort"
"Ascending Order Sort" is a method. A method itself does not vary. Essentially, "Ascending Order Sort" itself is a work without its embodiment. When a method is embodied, it is for intuition.

  • Hideki Nakazawa

Source and Execution No. 59 - 65
Assume that three webpages are given. Assume that each webpage has a link to either of the two other pages, or has links to both. These three pages have seven possible combinations. You are given the chance of patroling the three pages unwillingly, falling into toggle between two pages, having no other choice than to go back the same way, or appreciating freedom of choosing either of the other webpages at all times.


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Now I guess the word "No Work" by Takahiro Hirama has been familiar to readers of this bulletin, and his "No Work Work Show" will be held at 20202 from Aug. 8th to Sep. 3rd. I hope you'd come to the exhibition. info http://www.shinrin20202.jp/ (Kaido)

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Bulletin "New-Method" No. 11 English Version
Published on Aug. 4, 2011